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Dr. Gilbert H. Stork Gymnasium

Dr. Gilbert H. Stork Gymnasium

Cuesta’s home basketball games, women’s volleyball matches, and wrestling meets are hosted at Cuesta Gym, the college’s multi-purpose athletic facility.

Facility construction completed in 1978 and provided a state-of-the-art facility for the Cougars, who had previously played in the California National Guard Gym located across the street. The Cuesta Gym has hosted several playoff contests over the years for the college's men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball teams. It was aslo the site of both the 1991 State Volleyball Championship and the 2014 State Wrestling Championships.

The modern facility is an excellent place to view basketball games, volleyball matches, and wrestling meets from the courtside bleachers. In the fall, the volleyball team hosts over two dozen teams in the preseason Cuesta Classic Scrimmage Tournament and the wrestling team hosts the Meathead Movers Invitational in the late fall. In the winter, the men’s basketball team has hosted the Hinson’s Tire Tournament for over 50 years, while the women have hosted Phillips 66 Tournament for nearly 40 years.

The Cuesta Gym finally earned a name during its 40th year, when it was dedicated to its namesakeas the Dr. Gilbert H. Stork Gymnasium.  Dr. Stork began working at Cuesta in 1967, before the gym was built, and retired as the President of Cuesta College in 2018.